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Do you have: 

A passion for modelling everything in the enterprise?

It is certainly true that models are an essential element of business architecture and that business architects spend a significant amount of their time building models – probably too much time. But, models are a means to an end. They are just tools. Architects frequently become so enamoured with their models that they see the model itself as the business architect’s deliverable. This leads to overly complex models that that don’t resonate with business leaders. Good modelling will not make you a successful architect. Successful architects will create good models. A good question for business architects everywhere: Could you get the business architecture results you want without using models? Think about it.[/expand]

A desire to influence your peers, your clients, your stakeholders at large?

Many new business architects expect to gain a greater amount of influence through the practice of architecture. They see working with executives and senior leaders on strategic issues as giving them more influence on the direction and outcome of their organisation strategies. What they quickly come to understand is that it is their lack of personal credibility and influence which holds them back from being a successful architect. Being a business architect gives you zero influence. Creating influence does make you a successful business architect.[/expand]

Are you always keeping an eye out to grow your career?

Many technical architects, business analysts, project managers, and others see business architecture as a step up the career ladder, which I think it is. The problem is that there is no clear next step after business architecture. Many successful senior business architects in Fortune 500 companies get asked the same question, where to from here? Not one had a clear picture of a logical next career step. Business architecture does get you exposure to a wider group of leaders and experience working closer to your company’s strategic agenda, both of which might lead to new opportunities. But if this is your major driver for becoming an (enterprise or domain) architect you should give your next step some thought.[/expand]

Do you have an interest in strategy development?

Very few business architects play a role in strategy development. The successful ones do play a major role in strategy execution, helping to clarify, communicate, and organise strategic activities. There are a very small number of business architects who assist strategists and business leaders with the strategy development process, providing tools, techniques, and facilitation to enable better strategy development. But they rarely influence the actual direction.[/expand]

Do you have a set of skills but you are not sure which way to go with your career?

So many ways to apply your knowledge, your experience, your intellect, but which one will make you truly happy, turning a job into a career where you will flourish and go to every day with a smile on your face? Anything can be learned these days and if at first you don’t succeed, online or in a self-taught manner, then there are always a dedicated, passionate trainer just around the block who will get you where you should be, sooner! But which course do you need to do? Well, if you are not sure which way to shape your future, then the SIRF will help you. We will make sure you get to find out what truly remarkable professional you are, and maybe you will discover also some traits of your personality that are in great demand…[/expand]

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you will certainly be amazed to learn how the SIRF™ can help you do all that, all day, every day, with a virtual compass ensuring that you are always aiming at success.

SIRF™ is meant to be used like a “Swiss Army” knife for strategists, analysts, managers, leaders, enterprise and solutions architects, business and technical specialists, consultants, and technicians from all horizons.

S.I.R.F. A Strategy Swiss Army Knife

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