WBISCT Pty Ltd – Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Training

We, at WBISCT, take it to heart to ensure that our courses are NOT rote learning based but on the contrary, focussed on conceptual learning.

We create and provide case studies, practice exercises, context quizzes, voluntary themed assignments and other pedagogic tools to ensure that we give all our delegates the best chances to verify their actual learning and understanding, for themselves.

This is where we believe the real value for money stands in face to face and virtual classrooms.

We also believe that without the real time feedback from your facilitator, trainer or mentor, one cannot get the full value nor skill that one is after.

Online courses are designed to be the ultimate “create once, sell many”! This is essentially aimed at win-lose for the creator, when they are hosted on mass supply platforms. Even when those platforms claim that they provide timely quality personal feedback, one knows that it is impossible in practice and many courses simply cannot be taught that way, yet several well known platforms continue to prone their value-add material that they host on behalf of many (often unqualified) authors giving those authors back a tiny fraction of the revenue and as such reaping the rewards for their authors’ hard work (for some).

If you are after a quick response, books, free web search engines and video-for-all platforms are the answer. But if your career is at stake, then think about getting the right training. As we now all know, nothing (good) comes for free. Proper training from reputable trainers with all the certifications, accreditations and vast experience cost a lot to provide and reputable face to face training companies make the investment on your behalf to ensure you get that quality and quantity of skills and knowledge you are seeking.

We continuously push ourselves so we keep giving you top value for your money. This is what we are after and as such we guarantee that we will provide you with such quality and quantity always, in all our courses.