WBISCT Pty Ltd – Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Training

At WBISCT, we are dedicated to revolutionising your learning experience. Our courses stand out from the crowd – no rote learning here; we are all about conceptual learning and understanding

Why choose us? We craft engaging learning environments by offering case studies, practice exercises, context quizzes, voluntary themed assignments, and other pedagogic tools. It’s about providing our delegates with the best opportunities to validate their learning and understanding.

This is where we believe the real value for money stands in face to face and virtual classrooms. Real-time feedback from your facilitator, trainer, or mentor is essential to fully grasp the skills and knowledge you seek.

While online courses boast the convenience of “create once, sell many,” we understand the limitations. Mass supply platforms often fall short on timely, quality personal feedback. Quick responses may be found in books, free web search engines, and video-for-all platforms, but when your career is on the line, investing in the right training is paramount.

Quality training from reputable trainers with certifications, accreditation, and vast experience comes at a cost, and we make that investment on your behalf. Our commitment is unwavering – we continuously push ourselves to deliver top value for your money.

As the new year unfolds, we’re excited to share our latest developments. We’re diligently working to introduce our SIRF and Securing EA projects on our brand new Learning Management System (LMS). We’ve opted for a more powerful, professional platform to enhance your learning experience. And the best part?

We’re thrilled to offer our LMS courses at a more competitive price. It’s a win-win for all of us! Stay tuned as we prepare our LMS system for your exploration.

Your success journey just got a whole lot more exciting with WBISCT!