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The WBIS “Slider” Concept for Asset Security Classification Management. (ASCM)

This is the early draft for the ASCM v0.9

As part of the WBISCT S.I.R.F.© framework, the ASCM can and will be developed and used following the same principles as the SIRF. The idea behind the ASCM is that Asset Security control and management’s consistency and completeness must be achieved when Enterprise Architecture projects are produced.

This ASCM assumes that for all assets, an owner and a custodian must have been firstly documented and must be ready to provide all the necessary business security requirements through a review process tailored check-list assessment.

Once such profiling exists, the Security Architect and/or the CISO can then produce such ASCM which once approved will be endorsed by the accountable officer.

The current downloadable format for this confidential Draft is here