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Lean thinking is about understanding how to assess business processes, to identify and eliminate waste. Today, many IT professionals stakeholders from cross-functional areas -operational, tactical and strategic — have or are planning to get certified in Lean IT with the objective of reducing waste and improving efficiency.

Advances in Information technology are driving lots of innovation and disruption in the market today. IT professionals and organisations seeking a clear understanding of how to deliver more value to their clients need to take a closer look at Lean IT and LITA. Our certification scheme provides individuals the training path they need to adapt to help their business and customers realise their IT transformational journeys.

Sukhbir Jasuja, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Lean IT Association

Certification Levels:

Lean IT Foundation

Helps IT organisations to ensure that they equip their customers with the best possible services

Lean IT Kaizen

For Practitioners / deploying Lean IT. Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement using small incremental changes.