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Howdy colleagues and visitors, ever wondered if your EA knowledge sustained the test of time? Well, give this one below a shot and see for yourself…


Well done! You maybe interested in our hands on EA practitioner course, which will test and verify your knowledge in real life scenarios. In our course, you will work on a real world case of a high-tech industry multinational, and you will be put in the seat of a full flown Enterprise Architect managing complex multi-million dollar projects.

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#1. What does TOGAF stand for?

#2. In which year was the first version of TOGAF published?

#3. Which part of TOGAF covers the Architecture Development Method (ADM)?

#4. What is the purpose of the Preliminary Phase in the ADM?

#5. Which TOGAF phase involves the creation of the high level Baseline and Target Architectures?

#6. Which TOGAF phase involves the creation of a detailed application layer Baseline and Target Architectures?

#7. Which architectural domain in TOGAF focuses on the technology infrastructure and software platforms?

#8. What is the purpose of the Architecture Vision phase in TOGAF?

#9. In TOGAF, what is an Enterprise Continuum?

#10. Which TOGAF phase focuses on the development of a Data Architecture solution?

#11. What does the TOGAF Content Framework help manage?

#12. Which TOGAF component defines the governance structure for the architecture development process?

#13. What is the purpose of the TOGAF Architecture Repository?

#14. Which part of TOGAF addresses the concept of the Architecture Capability Framework?

#15. What is the primary role of a TOGAF certified professional known as a "TOGAF Enterprise Architect"?

#16. In TOGAF, what is the purpose of the Requirements Management phase?

#17. What is the goal of the Migration Planning phase in TOGAF?

#18. What is the purpose of the Phase G in TOGAF?

#19. Which part of TOGAF addresses the principles for developing architecture content?

#20. What are the four architecture domains covered in TOGAF?

#21. What does the TOGAF Architecture Landscape encompass?


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In our classes, you will not just learn all the theory, but also and more importantly how to actually use your knowledge in your daily job, whether you are an architect or not. Axel’s unique EA class will show you how you can architect … everything and anything!