WBISCT Pty Ltd – Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Training

Our Mission

Delivering capability increments beyond expectations

Our Principles

  • Transformation, rather than just Training
  • Lead, rather than Manage
  • Convince, rather than Impose

Our Values

Teaching, Learning and Competence

Our Aim

We ensure that your business is properly aligned with your technology investment. We also get you where you should be, but sooner!

Meet the Faculty

Axel P. Dancoisne has over 28 years of experience in large enterprises where dealing with critical systems and high risk issues are just a normal business day…

Axel is an Enterprise Architecture (EA) consultant, specialising in business strategy and setting up EA practices in any organisation, big or small; He can audit your EA practice to ensure the best fit of customisation for your organisation’s chosen methodology and framework. Axel can adapt and work with almost all current frameworks in use today.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Axel has held various senior positions including Principal ICT Strategist and Principal Advisor (Project Assurance and ICT Policy), where his responsibilities have included ICT Resource Strategic Planning.

A quick thinker in a fast changing world

Axel worked for many years on things like Mobile Access Service Improvement, EA and Business Architecture  implementation as well as designing information and infrastructure protection architecture, configuring complex security controls for Assurance and Auditing.

Axel is also the creator of the Strategy, Information and Resources Framework (SIRF™), an innovative business oriented framework designed to maximise resources usage and increase overall enterprise maturity, which includes an innovative method to ensure coherence and consistency in integrating security with all projects and ongoing asset management.

Axel also worked as a cybersecurity advisor for large government entities. His holistic knowledge of all the architecture design domains allows him to cover the full spectrum of issues and projects an Enterprise Architect needs to help any enterprise size.

Axel has an excellent record as a trainer (he has trained well over 1,800 professionals so far working for over 170 public and private entities) and he is recognised by his peers and countless clients for the depth of his knowledge and his ability to draw on real-world case studies and examples from direct personal experience.

Axel contributes to all the accredited courseware he works with, which provides his students the most accurate, up to date and real life usable content that they will learn to practice immediately during class.

His pragmatic and sensible pedagogy proved countless times to be the best return on investment you can get when you sit a course with him.