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TOGAF Combined vs EA Practical Workshop, which one is for me?

I won’t bore you with what TOGAF is here, since I have already written extensively on the subject. On this page, we have it all laid out nicely for you. But in essence, the TOGAF course aims first and foremost at preparing you to sit and pass the TOGAF EA Combined levels Foundation and Practitioner exams. And if you can’t do 4-day training at once, then the TOGAF EA Foundation and the TOGAF EA Practitioner as separate courses, is your way to EA certification nirvana… You can sit them separately at your convenience (well as long as we have those scheduled that is…) so they are easy to book yourself into them through the several sessions ALC training has on offer. The content is closely aligned with the TOGAF 10th edition Standard and the practical side of the course is about 25% give or take.

Now where one would say, whether you have done TOGAF already or the certification is not what you are after, we have our WBISCT EA Practical Workshop 3-day course for you.

Our EA Practical Workshop typically refers to a workshop or training session focused on the practical application of Enterprise Architecture (EA) principles and techniques. Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that aligns an organisation’s business processes, information systems, technology infrastructure, and strategies to achieve its goals. We have designed a unique way to prepare you to architect in the real world through challenging exercises and a real world case study that mimics what you are likely to face in roles like EA, Domain Architects (Business, Data, Application, Technology and Security), Solution Architects, PMO, BAs etc. Basically, you want to think pragmatically, using abstraction for easy reuse and fast delivery? This is your course!

In an EA Practical Workshop, participants learn how to apply EA concepts and methodologies in real-world scenarios. The workshop may cover various aspects of EA, including:

  1. EA Frameworks: Participants will learn about the existence of popular EA frameworks such as TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) or Zachmann Framework for instance but those frameworks will not be covered in the course. It is implied that participants using such framework, understand the structure and components of these frameworks already and how to utilise them effectively in their organisations. This course will cover the EA logic for a just enough, fit for purpose, knowledge that you need to get up and running so we can get under the hood as soon as the course starts. Sounds like real world doesn’t it?
  2. EA Modelling: This aspect of the workshop focuses on the creation and management of architectural models. Participants learn about different modelling techniques and tools used to represent various aspects of an enterprise, such as business architecture, information architecture, application architecture, and technology architecture.
  3. EA Governance: Effective governance is crucial for successful EA implementation. The workshop may cover governance structures, processes, and decision-making mechanisms within an organisation. Participants learn how to establish and maintain governance practices to ensure the alignment of EA with business objectives.
  4. EA Integration: The workshop may address how EA integrates with other disciplines and initiatives within an organisation, such as IT strategy, project management, and business process improvement. Participants learn how to collaborate with different stakeholders and teams to ensure EA is integrated seamlessly into organisational processes. We will also talk requirements management and how to deliver what the clients really need vs what they think they want. We will cover just enough risk and security integration as well, to ensure your design is safe enough and that you covered all necessary angles to preserve the value and keep the project feasible. And we certainly hope you will bombard us with your own work related questions you encounter in your line of work, so we can demonstrate how to address them nice and easy.
  5. EA Implementation: This part of the workshop focuses on the practical steps involved in implementing EA within an organisation. Participants learn about change management, stakeholder engagement, and the challenges associated with EA adoption. They gain insights into strategies for overcoming barriers and ensuring successful EA implementation. It’s all good and fine to know how to draw a plan, but it’s much more productive and rewarding to know how to do planning and be responsive to change every time it is needed.

The specific content can also be adapted to the needs of the participants. We welcome suggestions, especially if you want to book a private or in-house session to tailor this unique course to your own environment and culture. The workshop includes some presentation, hands-on exercises to warm you up to a real world end to end case study, and hopefully plenty of dynamic group discussions!

Our interactive sessions to provide participants with practical skills and knowledge in the field of Enterprise Architecture. You will return to work with plenty of great ideas, but most of all, with the confirmed confidence that you can apply your new learning in your busy environment, and the added value you will bring back can be easily demonstrated.

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