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Bridging you say? What’s that?

A bridging course, also known as a foundation course or preparatory course, is an educational program designed to help students bridge the gap between their current knowledge or qualifications and the requirements of a higher-level course or program. It is usually intended for students who lack certain prerequisites or foundational knowledge needed to enrol in a specific degree program or course. But it is also a way to increment your knowledge with the new, or upgraded content in a simpler, shorter fashion. For instance, the TOGAF course is a 4-Day intensive course which can be attended face to face (f2f) or online with a real trainer. Now imagine that you sit the TOGAF 9 course with me, and you certify soon after. Then you hear that the Open Group has just issued a newer, upgraded (complementing TOGAF 9) version of TOGAF called the TOGAF EA (10th Edition) … you feel that unless the course is entirely new you would not need to resit it completely, but rather sit a shorter course dealing with the new content right?

Well, that’s what ALC TOGAF Practitioner Bridge course is about. It’s a 2-day instead of 4-day, and it focuses on all the new and updated content TOGAF has to offer to an agile world of architecture for the digital age.

By completing this bridging course, students will enhance their architecture skills, build confidence, and improve their chances of coping with both worlds of architecture (agile and mainstream).

Interested? Please tell us, and we will give you our next available dates for that course, as we are evaluating the request for F2F vs Online for this very new course at the moment. Your feedback is really appreciated.