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CyberSecurity and Enterprise Architecture…

Hello beautiful people, I have worked hard again for you all, and I just finalised a brand new exclusive course which will again give you the unfair advantage in your job, career and life. For those who graduated with, started or simply enquired about an MBA you will have noticed the huge amount of reading and content such glorious postgraduate education requires. But the 14 months plus, workload and high price tag for it has put off many amongst us… But today there is so much demand from the job market that asks for anyone to not just be a superhero, but to actually be the whole avenger team in one single packet.

Now, years ago where such question was not that predominant, I did give my best to start a Master of Business and Technology, which I loved. I did very well in the first part, then I asked around if the full thing would put me up there or not on the board of promotion, and the deafening silence I got in return told me that paying off my mortgage just became my very first priority instead…

At the time, I thought low interests could not possibly stay low forever… Gee, what insights I had then, given the situation many are in, these days, juggling with a family to feed, one salary, which does not seem to increase remotely as fast as inflation does, and a house to repay which has just become another reason to lose sleep over…

Anyway I promised myself to not be all gloom and doom today so here it is… What about a summarised version of the strictly necessary stuff you would use in your daily job with a way to make them all interoperate with each other as easy as a LEGO set, giving you the edge you were after but for a fraction of the price and in less than 1 week?

So that’s why I designed my S.I.R.F. course as a first instalment of such a super tool. Then it got me thinking about why we seem to struggle so much with securing our projects sufficiently, consistently and timely. This S.I.R.F. sequel was born!

This 3-day very practical opus will provide an overview of enterprise architecture and cybersecurity principles and practices. Participants will learn about the importance of enterprise architecture in supporting business goals and strategies, as well as the key components of a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

Once you have sat through all the content, exercises, quizzes and case study, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of enterprise architecture and its role in supporting business goals and strategies
  • Understand the principles and practices of cybersecurity, including risk management, threat modelling, and incident response for architecture projects
  • Identify the key components of a comprehensive cybersecurity program, including governance, risk management, compliance, and technical controls so your architecture projects get easier to secure each time you start one
  • Learn how to align enterprise architecture with cybersecurity initiatives to enhance the security posture of an organisation
  • Understand the impact of emerging technologies on enterprise architecture and cybersecurity
  • Learn to prepare and be more proactive with regard to securing architecture projects

Are you keen? Come over and let us know then. Let’s get you started!