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4 Types of Work in IT (The Phoenix Project)

Ideas adapted directly from The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

Business Projects. You know, those projects that the business is screaming for, those projects that have a direct link to business processes and tie to the outcomes of the business groups. In essence this is all the business is really asking IT for.

Internal Projects. Installing a fleet of new network devices, decommissioning a data centre, and any number of other internally focused system based activities. The problem with many of these projects is that all too often internal teams are left to manage them independently. They progress with little oversight or visibility and consume untold amounts of resource, which will often adversely affect progress on Business Projects. We have the PMO managing Business Projects, but who manages internal Projects?

So projects are generally classed as larger pieces of work, but we all know IT does a lot of little jobs to keep systems functioning. Patching, security upgrades, vendor software updates, problem resolutions etc. All of these, and many more, make up a third category of work…. 

Operational Change. Every day IT operations will be registering, planning, assessing, building, testing and deploying changes, which may also include managing the process to deploy a change that relates to ether of the project types above.

And lastly the killer, the work that keeps Operations Managers, Service Owners and other IT folk awake at night. This type of work has the ability to put everything else on the backburner, which can then affect the delivery of projects, the deployment of changes, and any other work that IT may be attempting to deliver. Unplanned Work. Unplanned work is recovery work, which almost always takes you away from meeting your goals.


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