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Welcome to WBIS, your business “life changer”

We see more and more experts, professionals, and self-made people struggling with the organisation of their work, their business and even their lives; not realising how much time, money and morale they are losing only because they need an external and experienced eye to point out the savings and improvements they could easily and rapidly make. Yet the solution is simple, let Enterprise Architecture (EA) get you started or improve your enterprise maturity level.

EA will align your capabilities with your resources and ensure that the right amount of technology is optimized and applied correctly to maximise your ROI or to lower your TCO considerably for stronger competitiveness or simply to increase your operational excellence (Treacy-Wiserma Value Disciplines).

Whether you are a small business or work in a huge organisation, whether it’s a commercial, a non for profit or a government, EA can help!

You don’t have an EA practice yet? Well, we all have to start somewhere, that’s why we specialise in setting up EA practices in medium to large organisations and we audit your EA practice to ensure best fit with your chosen methodology and framework. We will then show you the huge benefits that a good and robust enterprise architecture can provide you.

Because a great tool still needs to be learned to be used well, we coach people, from all businesses sizes on how to leverage technology to fully support their business and maximise their profits.

Happy employees make better workers, let me motivate them in seeing the bigger picture!
This is why we partner with leading face to face fully accredited training organisations to give you top quality courses, adequately sized classes and the best chances of certification.

Contact us today and we will organise for you and for your employees to get started on getting the best of your and their capabilities.

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