WBISCT Pty Ltd – Enterprise Architecture Consulting and Training

Welcome to your Enterprise Architecture Specialists

“People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed.” Richard Florida, 2002

Here, at WBISCT (pronounced /weɪ bɪs ˈsɪtɪ/), we offer enterprise architecture and cybersecurity consulting and training services to all businesses, big and small, around Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We strive to make people happy in their job and create that long-lasting feeling of self-achievement and accomplishment in their life and line of work. We make people work as a team, we champion fair and caring leadership across the organisation and most of all, we make such happy people deliver great results!

Furthermore, we love to debunk and demystify those powerful paradigms that are nowadays considered game changers and often also called disruptor in the market.

“We are now in the midst of moving away from the Information Age, which is characterised by serial, logical, rule bound, and computer-like processing, to the new Conceptual Age, where parallel processing, aesthetics, emotions, and contextual thinking dominate. Contemporary workers and business goals make the past status-and-power-based structures inconsistent with work practices that engage the hearts and minds of younger workers and, more importantly, the nature of the work itself”   Build to Lead, 2016 Deunio and Reuther

We love AGILE!

At WBISCT, we love AGILE and Service Oriented (Enterprise) Architecture and we also love to think KAIZEN and use the KANBAN system (used in of the Toyota Production System) where it simplifies the implementation and management of change and integration. See it integrated with the 6 SIGMA methodology.

Do you value SCRUM over KANBAN?

This is why we specialise in finding the resource wastage (MUDA in Japanese) in your operations and improving value offering by focusing on Treacy-Wieserma Value Disciplines like Operational Excellence, Product Leadership and Customer Intimacy.

Are you an anti-fragile organisation?

We will help you get your environment sorted so that you will be ready for the unexpected. Do you have a robust, recent and up to date effective and efficient Business Continuity Plan, supported by a foolproof disaster recovery process when the worst happens? We will get you up to date with only what is necessary for you to be profitable, effective and efficient.

A good stakeholder management system is the key to your success, so how accurate and up to date is your Communication Plan? Have you done a thorough Stakeholders Analysis and adopted a style to manage your human transactions using rule-sets like Dr Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis? We will make sure your entire organisation is aligned with what your business goals aim to achieve.

We can help you with all your needs in:

• Business analysis and architecture
• Cybersecurity strategy and architecture (We follow, SABSA and CISSP precepts)
• Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF etc.)
• Organisational Change Management
• Program/Project Management
• Requirements Engineering
• Service Delivery Management
• Strategic Planning and Execution
• Stakeholder Engagement and Management
• User Experience